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Do you know how beautiful it is when you make somebody’s wish come true? Do you know this beautiful feeling you have while doing so? Now allow yourself to receive the fulfilment of your wishes coming true. Do you know how beautiful life (and other people) feels while making your dreams come true for you?   Love, Anita

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I am pissed off.

Not even sure if more at me or at people I am talking to in my head that reminds me of the past version of me. People who fucking find an excuse why they can’t do the shit they want to do, people who find a problem for every solution, people who indulge in mothafucking conspiracy theories, because they aren’t willing to take responsibility for their own bullshit. People in mothafucking 21st century, people living in Europe, people living in sLOVEnia, where you have just everything you need, people with an internet connection. People who have gardens or know people who have…

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I have a dirty little secret

Well, it’s not so dirty… Or is it? I don’t know. I just know I’ve been making such a big deal out of it in my head for most of my life… I was so ashamed of it that I didn’t dare to tell anyone about it. Unless I  really really trusted them. And yes, I had a lot of trust issues as well. It was such a big deal for me, that I could tell my boyfriend Jure for it only after 2 or 3 years of our relationship. And I told him other secrets of mine before this…

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Think of social media (or just any media) as food

Why? What you eat is what you are, they say. I am a vegetarian. Well, eating mostly vegan, but not 100%. I don’t buy meat, just to stay informed that people still kill animals for food. I know they do. I don’t want to eat it, that’s why I don’t eat it. And I don’t go to the shop looking at meat products to complain about them. Ahaha, it makes me laugh just thinking about it, I don’t want to do this to myself. I love eating green, healthy, colorful food. It makes me feel good. When I am full,…

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You don’t need to believe in god or higher power

“Coaching is a good thing, but I am too intelligent, it’s hard to believe in something when you are so smart.” Yes, the weight of the knowledge is holding you down. You see all that it’s wrong with the world. All that is wrong with you. It seems impossible to be intelligent and happy. Oh, the mind loop I know so well. And all intelligent people take pride in being intelligent. Maybe they will try to hide it, even from themselves, but it’s there. When I was younger, I knew I was intelligent. People kept telling me. I was the…

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FROM ME, THROUGH ME, FOR ME: I don’t have to prove anything anymore.

  I don’t have to prove anything anymore. Because I proved it already. To myself. I proved it to myself that I can choose me. I proved it to myself, that I can stand being ridiculed, laughed at, told that I am wrong, that I am never gonna make it, told that I don’t do enough, told that I cannot have it my way. I heard it all. In my face, behind my back, in my head. And I proved it to myself. That I can let it in. That I can let it hurt. And even enjoy it. Not…

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People love to send me money

This is what I wrote in my journal yesterday in the morning among other things: People love to send me money. You see, in the time of my winter depression (or what should I call this beneficial state that gives you so much but it seems like a stagnation?) I asked myself. “What do I really really want?” And I since I started reading, I knew I want to be a writer. But it felt like a dream that is not within reach. I mean, how can you make money writing? Especially, if you don’t want to write what someone…


Let the woman be whatever she wants to be

She looks like a hooker. Woman should be a lady. Woman should be a warrior. It is about natural beauty. Real woman wears high heels. Feminists don’t wear high heels. She shows her body way too much, something should stay hidden.  She is all covered up. Oh, she is too tight. She could be a 10, if she would change this about her. She wears too much make-up. Oh, she doesn’t wear any make-up, she would be so much prettier with some make-up. She is a bad mum. She is a good mum, but … She is too career driven.…


So you are pissed off?

So you are pissed off? You are finally letting it out. How wouldn’t you be pissed off? You have a right to be pissed off. You have tried everything, but nothing is working. Well, things do work, you have to admit that your life is so much better than it used to be. They look at you and think of you as a success. And you are. You achieved so much. You overcame so much. You are a new person. Yet you still cannot fucking pay the bills. Why is this keep on happening? Keep on happening, keep on happening,…

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Fear of getting to the next level

Tarot said PAST LIVES. Confusing card for 11 years old, I guess. But she liked these cards more than sweet Angel Keys ones. Little witch <3. “What was your question?” I asked. “If it’s not a secret.” “Teacher tells us all the time that the 6th grade is going to be much harder. I asked if this is true.” “Ah, I see. These PAST LIVES could mean past grades. It depends on the knowledge you acquired in the past grades, what the 6th grade is going to be like.” * When we are going to the next level in life,…

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